This sounds like something ridiculously basic, but have you ever really sat down and thought through what the good reasons are for creating functions, methods, variables, classes, etc? Spending a little time on it will help you clarify when you should and when you shouldn’t create one. Reasons to create a method: To take values, […]

One of the ‘best practices’ that’s been going around is that convention is better than configuration. Meaning that writing manually or somehow generating automatically a configruation file describing in detail how two things link together – like a database table and a model in an ORM – is less efficient than having a convention for […]

I’ve noticed that all of the really good programmers that I’ve ever met are lazy. Not exactly lazy in the conventional sense of not doing anything hard or time-consuming, but in that special programmer kind of way. Stuff like instead of doing some tedious computer-related task by hand, you write a script to do it […]

I’ve been a big-company man for my whole career in software so far, but I’ll admit that the idea of founding a startup has a certain allure to it. The thought of singlehandedly (or with a few partners) taking a business from just an idea in your head to a real success that provides a […]

One thing that I find strangely difficult and awkward to do, with little to no documentation anywhere on the internet that I can find, is how to automatically mark your built binaries with the specific version of source code from your revision control system that was used to build them. Seems like a pretty good […]