Hello everyone! I am a professional Software Engineer, now employed at a small company producing software for internal and external customers. I’ve been writing software professionally for about 6 years now, and I’m always looking to learn more.

So why start a blog? I have lots of opinions about lots of things, and only by writing those opinions down and putting them out there can I learn which ones are golden and which ones are lame. Feel free to comment or email if you love or hate anything I’ve written.

Naturally, I am a well-rounded person and have a wide variety of interests, but I’d like to keep this blog limited to software and tech stuff – development tools and techniques, architecture, project organization and management, business of software, other related things that I find interesting, etc. I’ll try and be satisfied with the traffic that gets me, rather then try and get more attention talking about politics and such.

Email me for any reason or no reason at: shinynuggetsofcode@gmail.com


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